Godiva soleva


Recording artist

Again, we had the pleasure to work with our ingenious producer Urs Wiesendanger at Powerplay Studios in Maur.




Our CD "Godiva soleva" got issued by MONS Records. You may acquire the album by contacting us directly or from the iTunes store.

Santilli / Alderighi „Godiva soleva“ – MR 874 527

While it would be accurate to describe Santilli/Alderighi’s debut album as "chamber jazz", this label does little justice to the richness of the music it offers. Marco Santilli’s compositional style consciously draws on the expressive form of both classical music and jazz, but it is with an almost instinctual stylistic assuredness that he creates an ideal framework for bringing the colourful sonic spectrum of his clarinet and bass clarinet to light while providing ample room for Paolo Alderighi’s virtuosity on the piano. Titles such as “Il tanghero va all’immusonita sciorinando lusinghe” (“A scoundrel heaps flattery on a lady with a sulky face”) should be savoured; only then can you allow yourself to be caught up in the poetry of the music... "Godiva soleva" is thirteen pieces of music, brilliantly performed with clarinet and piano, as well as thirteen atmospherically dense tales. They tell of the art of seduction, the purging of the superfluous, and of a musical bridge between immigrants to the Leventina valley and those who emigrated to Rio de la Plata. They speak of the alluring melancholy and joy in discovering beauty in the smallest of things.
"Godiva soleva" is thirteen poetical pearls of chamber jazz, composed and played by Marco Santilli and Paolo Alderighi, two masters of their craft!